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    App 112 BE

    One single app for the fire brigade, an ambulance or the police

    The most important advantage of App 112 BE is that you do not have to remember the emergency numbers and therefore cannot forget them if you're in distress. You just tap the ambulance, firefighter or police icon depending on what kind of help you need.

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    App 112 BE
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    • 1 app, 3 emergency services

      In the app, you can easily select the emergency service you need.

    • Location

      Emergency call centres can see where you are.

    • Additional information

      Emergency call centres know directly if you are deaf, with a heart condition or allergic to certain drugs, for instance.

    • Alarm

      If you have fallen or are unconscious and the emergency services do not find you, emergency call centres can ring your mobile phone.

    • Chat

      If you are unable to speak or to hear, emergency call centres activate the possibility to send little messages.

    • Free of charge & without internet

      The app is free, as all emergency numbers.

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