Who and how to call?

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  • Emergency numbers 112 & 101

    You can call 112 or 101 when you urgently need the fire department, ambulance of the police.

  • When can I call?

    When a building, forest or car is on fire.
    When you witness a serious accident with wounded persons.
    When you are the victim or witness of a fight.
    When you see someone break into a house.

    When can't I call?

    To see whether the 112 or 101 really works.
    To make a joke.
    When you need general information, such as someone's telephone number or address.

  • 1722 @ online form

    Since July 2021, you can visit the online form www.1722.be. This national online form handles your request for assistance the same way as a call to 1722. 

    You can always call 1722 when the number is activated, but the online form will always be the most efficient way to request assistance from the fire brigage in case of heavy weather in situations when no one's life is in danger. The online form can be accessed at any time.

  • When can you call or use the online form?

    Use the online form www.1722.be or call the number 1722 upon activation when there is no risk to life but need the assistance of the fire brigade, including at :

    • a lot of damage to the roof covering.
    • flooded basement.
    • flooding on the public road.

    When can't I call?

    You should not call this number if the situation is potentially life-threatening, if there is danger of collapse or if there is danger on public roads. Then you call the emergency number 112.

    When you do not need the fire brigade but rather a professional, you do not call 1722, for example at:

    • fallen tree in the garden.
    • damaged garden shed.
    • hail damage to a vehicle.
    • power failure.
  • 1733

    Need a doctor on duty? Call 1733 

    From now on, you can call 1733. This phone number is for non-urgent medical assistance and is linked to the local out-of-hours services.

    1733 is a local rate number, no additional charges will be applied.

    Link Website 1733

  • Other emergency numbers

    For some problems, you cannot go to the above numbers.  However, there are plenty of other numbers operating. Below is an overview:

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